Forcefield Motor Officer Armor Pro Pant


Style #  FPP


To be worn under breeches for extra protection, see description for details on this highly technical product.



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Key Features

Wear these protective base layer pants under your breeches for added safety.  This highly innovative product is made specifically for motorsports and even in use on the racetrack.  Made in the U.K. 


The Forcefield Pro Pants X-V 2 with Isolator 2 Hip, Knee and Buttock/Coccyx Pads.

The all new Pro Pants X-V 2 are constructed using the most breathable BeCool™ base layer fabrics.

Ergonomically-shaped specific Isolator 2 armour pieces have been designed to provide maximum protection, while offering huge unrestricted movement and breathability.

The 5-piece armour set covers hips, knees and buttocks/coccyx, and is removable quickly and easily.

New production techniques have resulted in a super strong open mesh that is even more breathable, yet super soft and strong. We use this in the Pro Pants X-V 2 to create ‘armour windows’, not only looking good, but also providing extra breathability and lightness.

The ultimate protective full length sports pants with DRI-M technology (Dynamic, Reactive, Intelligent Material).

Product Code: FF30442

Forcefield Body Armour Clothing: Pro Range All armoured clothing products are now brought into the same family using the ‘Pro’ Name.

Technological advances in armour manufacture, in terms of thinner, lighter and more protective construction combined with engineered fabric and production techniques, make this range truly the pinnacle of armour technology and sports protection.

Staying true to the original concepts of Forcefield being the most protective yet also the most comfortable, breathable, lightweight and non-restrictive system.

Waist Small = 28" - 31", Waist Medium = 32" - 35", Waist Large = 36" - 39", Waist XL = 40" - 43" Waist


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