Whether you’re looking to wear some motorcycle police breeches professionally, theatrically, or for party purposes, you’ll appreciate the amount of hard work that goes into each and every pair. One of our hot sellers is our Police Motorcycle Breeches Year Round 5 Way Stretch. These beauties exhibit true craftsmanship, as that’s what it takes to finish each one. This particular pair of motorcycle police breeches is so well made, it can withstand a ton of abuse, and for many years. They are priced at $99 and have stretch breathable fabric to better suit the wearer. Although there are many different features, one stands out above the rest… they’re water resistant! The fact that these motorcycle police breeches can block water and other fluids, is without a doubt, respectable. Alongside its water resistancy, they are coated with dupont teflon, making them all the more impenetrable. They have a double knee and double seat construction, which provides better protection around the knees and butt. Finally, after all its other benefits, it has adjustable velcro closure around the ankles. In the end, you can wear this piece of police apparel with confidence, knowing full well that it can withstand some heavy abuse and long-time wear and tear. Here at Intapol, we’ve made it our duty to provide the public with the very fabrics, apparel, accessories, and outfits they can both respect and desire! If you have any further questions or concerns, please don’t hesitate in giving us a call, we’d be more than happy to oblige.
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