Let INTAPOL serve as your one stop shop for all of your uniform, equipment and accessory needs.


Uniform Programs

Let us manage your uniform program from assisting in uniform selection, embroidery design, inventory management, future planning needs and shipment tracking.


On-site Alterations

We handle all emblem application, pant hemming, striping on breeches and trousers, button changes, and expert tailoring on site to properly fit your officers, department or company.  Immediate while you wait service is normally available for established clients in our retail showroom.  

Direct Embroidery and Silkscreening

We also offer direct embroidery and silkscreening with quick turnaround usually within 7 to 10 days once your logo is created.  In addition we can create your logo from scratch from artwork provided or we can copy what you already have in use on existing garments.  Please inquire within. 


Private Web Stores

Starting in 2015, we will be offering established clients their own web stores that will include all of their department or company specific products. This service is available for faster and accurate order placement in addition to being able to keep track of your open and shipped orders.  Please inquire within, stores can be established quickly.