CHiPs - Facts, Costumes & More

Jon, Ponch and Sgt. Joseph Getraer

CHiPs is the name of the popular American drama series that ran from 1977 to 1983 and is also the acronym for the California Highway Patrol. The series shows the adventures of two police motorcycle officers of the California Highway Patrol played by Larry Wilcox as the calm and level-headed Officer Jonathan A. Baker, and Erik Estrada as the macho, playful and wild Officer Francis (Frank) Llewelyn "Ponch" Poncherello.

The show was created by Rick Costner, a reserve deputy of the Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department who saw two CHP officers in their motorcycle one evening in the mid 70's, which started it all. Some episode were also inspired by and referenced to the experiences of Larry Wilcox as a Marine artilleryman in Vietnam.

The main characters were joined by Robert Pine as Sergeant Joseph (Joe) Getraer, Lew Saunders as Officer Gene Fritz, Brodie Greer as Officer Barry "Bear" Baricza, Paul Linke as Officer Arthur (Artie) "Grossie" Grossman, Lou Wagner as Harlan Arliss, Automobile/Motorcycle Mechanic, Brianne Leary as Officer Sindy Cahill, Randi Oakes as Officer Bonnie Clark , Michael Dorn as Officer Jebediah Turner, Tom Reilly as Officer Bobby "Hot Dog" Nelson, Tina Gayle as Officer Kathy Linahan, Bruce Penhall as Cadet/Officer Bruce Nelson, Clarence Gilyard, Jr. as Officer Benjamin Webster and Bruce Jenner as Officer Steve McLeish.

September 15, 1977 marks the inception of one of the most popular TV series of all time. The series’ pilot episode shows Jon and Ponch quest in chasing a sports car theft ring.

In 1979, the series was shown in UK and became a hit.

In the fifth season, Estrada went on strike and didn't appear in seven episodes due to conflict with his on-screen partner. As a result, Bruce Jenner played the role of Officer Steve McLeish and became Wilcox’s new partner. Wilcox also left the show in the sixth and final season. He was replaced by Tom Reilly as Officer Bobby Nelson.

In 1999, Estrada and Wilcox came back as on-screen partners in CHiPs '99, a television movie sequel. Some casts from the original series also joined them.

In 2005, a motion picture version of CHiPs was announced. Rumor has it that the original partners will have cameo appearances while Wilmer Valderrama will play as Ponch. However, the production hasn’t started yet.

CHiPs Costumes

CHiPs has become a worldwide hit. Fans of the show have collected items that were used in the production, including motorcycles and uniforms and replicate Jon and Ponch's uniform in the show as costumes in parties. Below we've listed items that are similar, if not the same brand/model, as the items used in CHiPs.



In the classic episodes of CHiPs, Jon and Ponch were seen wearing the an open face half shell helmet painted in the CHP royal blue, gold, and black hi-rise paint shceme.  In the show their helmet had no front vents but our helmet is modernized for today's rider with front vents, our helmet style SD7-CHP. 

SD7-CHP Helmet w/ Patent Leather Visor

SD7-CHP is the latest model and is a one the closest matches on the market for same look as the classic helmets of Jon and Ponch. You can choose options of silver or gold rank band and order a CHP engraved badge separately which can be affixed on the helmet.

Helmet Badge

The CHiPs helmet shows the winged wheel CHP badge. You can get this badge design below< printed on your helmet with blue "Police Motorcycle Officer" Lettering from Intapol .

CHiPs Helmet Logo


CHiPs Boots

For the footwear, Jon and Ponch wears boots with lace up instep and strap at the top of the boots. You can buy the real deal from many manufacturers or custom boot makers, but many are in the $400-$500 price range. If you don't want to spend that amount, and still want quality boots that are used by law enforcement nationwide you can choose from the boot models such as these boots below.



CHiPs Gloves

Who would forget Jon's tan gloves? You can get similar gloves from other retailiers for $25 - $50.

As for Ponch's gloves, he wears black gloves that looks exactly the same as the one below

CHiPs Jon Gloves

Jon and Ponch's Breeches

CHiPs Breeches width=

As Police Motorcycle Officers, Jon and Ponch have to wear tan motorcycle breeches with blue and silver strips as shown in the photos.

This is the same breech they're wearing, you can see here our CHP breeches style #151CHP :

CHP Breeches

Shirts, Badge & Emblems

CHiPs leading men Jon and Ponch wears a tan short sleeve uniform shirt with the CHP badge and CHP sleeve emblems.

This shirt below is the official CHP shirt as per the ones they wear on the show our style #11050 which also matches the breeches.

CHP Short Sleeve Shirt

You would need to get a CHP badge and an emblem to copy the look.

similar CHiPs badge width=

This badge is similar to the CHP badge they used. You just have to change the logo and the lettering to "Police Motorcycle Officer".

You can also create your own badge if you want to be creative.

We also customize emblems. So if you want the CHP emblem that is similar to the emblem on CHiPs' uniforms, just contact us.


The CHiPs tandem wears a black basketweave belt. You can get this plain leather belt for only $38.99 and add $4 for a basketweave finish.

Match the belt with this basketweave glove pouch holder to complete the look.

CHiPs glove pouch holder