Helmet communications

We currently supply either Setcom or MotoX helmet communications kits. In addition we also install communications snaps onto the leather harnesses of our Half Shell helmets to be used in conjunction with Setcom or PVP.

Setcom offers both wireless and wired options which are considered the most reliable in law enforcement. There are 3 separate parts that make up most of their configurations which inlude: Helmet Kit (available for half shell, 3/4 shell or full face), SuperMic (Shoulder Mic) and a Cable Kit. Our helmet communications page will show all the various Setcom parts which can be sold separately and directly on our site OR please inquire within for official quotes. For official quotes, please provide us with your Handheld Radio make and model and the type of Motorcycle Make/Model and Year.

MotoX is a full wireless system that is all inclusive and offers an affordable solution for departments on a budget or directly for the individual officer wanting a solution to ride safely for use with their handheld radio mainly Motorola models. The kit comes with a boom mic, audio ear pads, shoulder mic, and push to talk button. Our staff installs the helmet kit professionally into our half shell helmets SD777 and SD704. It can also be installed into 3/4 or Full Face Helmets.